Monforts Online Assistance

the new internet-based service portal – more comprehensive than teleservice

Linked to the world - the  Online Assistance service portal exceeds the possibilities of the known teleservice by far and with integrated webcam and communication headset offers more advantages directly at the machine:

  • Remote diagnosis / teleservice (of the type known)
  • Training assistance of new machine operator
  • Identification of parts subject to quick wear and tear and of spare parts
  • Spare parts catalogue
  • Operation and maintenance instructions
  • Monitoring as preventive maintenance
  • Helpdesk, troubleshooting and FAQ
  • Assistance with technological problems

Your production data will always be protected and not disclosed!

All communication uses the encrypted single-port technology, which only establishes a link from the customer to the Monforts Service Centre, never the other way round. Each activity is strictly logged.

This technology is also TÜV IT-certified.


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