Finishing line for knitted fabrics

The ideal non-stop finishing line for natural, relaxing and compressive shrinking of knitted fabrics in a single process. From cutting open the tubular form through to fabric feed ready for make-up. For ecological finishing processes without the need to apply synthetic resins.

Only a Monforts Interknit Line consists of perfectly matched components: Fabric inlet section, padder, stretching machine, relaxation drier, levelling field, compressive shrinking unit, fabric delivery section. With this non-stop finishing line, all longitudinal tensions built up in the fabric during the pretreatment are eliminated as far as possible so that the stitches return to their original form.

If necessary the components of the Interknit line can also be used individually. For example, for natural relaxing shrinking of knitted fabrics in tubular form or for compressive shrinking of woven fabrics.

The complete networking of an Interknit Line with Qualitex automation technology is also possible, allowing the complete finishing line to be controlled by just one machine operator.


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