More power to relax

With more performance and tumbler effect, the DynAir relaxation dryer offers improved performance and universal application. For open width and tubular
knitted fabrics as well as nonwovens (thermal bonding).
A special air guidance system with dynamic pulsating air currents allows the fabric to glide through the dryer in a sinusoidal wave (SID System). With up to 15% higher drying performance thanks to a higher number of nozzle elements.

The DynAir is also suitable for integration of a heat recovery unit - a further contribution to improving fabric quality, reducing production costs and an environment-conscious use of energy geared to the process.

The DynAir advantages

  • Large number of possible inlet and outlet configurations
  • Innovative lifting doors (options)
  • Proven Montex modular design
  • Indirect gas heating system
  • Integrated exhaust air ducts
  • Conticlean endless sieve belt cleaning (options)
  • 150 mm insulated panellings
  • With Touchscreen control - and with Qualitex 740 process control

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